Wednesday May 17, 2023     (support program)

19:00 to 22:30 hrs: Rehearsal workshop “Feel the Spirit”


Thursday May 18, 2023

During the day: Arrival of the choirs

9.30-19.30 hrs: Follow-up workshop “Feel the Spirit”
20.00 hrs: Opening concert (Location will follow):

  • Welcome/Official opening
  • Presentation participants Choir Projects “Feel the Spirit” and “Youth Choir Clinic”
  • Interval
  • Presentation and performances participating choirs
Friday May 19, 2023

10.00 hrs: Competition round 1 in Parkstad Limburg Theatre Kerkrade (Time subject to change)
20.00 hrs: Concerts in the region by participating choirs in collaboration with Limburg choirs at various concert locations in South Limburg

Saturday May 20, 2023

10.00 hrs: Competition round 2 in Parkstad Limburg Theatre Kerkrade (Time subject to change)
15.00 hrs: Manifestation Sing Along in the city center of Kerkrade with performances by dozens of choirs
20:30 hrs: Sing Shopping at ‘t Patronaat, Ursulastraat in Kerkrade

Sunday May 21, 2023

9.30-11.15 hrs: Workshop Conductors meet the Jury
Evaluation of the current situation and future developments in the international choir world in general, and performances during CantaRode in particular.
12.30 hrs: Reception with the city council at the Parkstad Limburg Theatre Kerkrade
13:00 hrs: Award ceremony and performance of the winning choirs 2023
15.00 hrs: Final concert in Parkstad Limburg Theatre by VOCES8, London
17.15 hrs: Closure of the festival

Times subject to change.

Tickets for the closing concert are on sale at Parkstad Limburg Theatre

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