Results competition 2023

The official result of the CantaRode competition 2023 is as follows:

1st prize :
Samford University A Capella Choir: 95 points

2nd prize:
Stockholms Musikgymnasium Youth Choir 2023: 93 points

3rd prize:
University of Houston Concert Chorale: 92 points

4th prize:
Chamber Choir Sophia Kiev: 90 points

5th prize:
Eller Girls’ Choir: 89 points

6th prize:
Brussels Young Adult Choir: 88 points

7th prize:
Nefesch Vokalensemble: 82 points

8th prize:
Hera Vrouwenkoor: 81 points

9th prize:
Damkören Korallerna: 80 points

9th prize:
La Voce Choir: 80 points

11th prize:
Vrouwelijk Vocaal Ensemble Cantus Firmus: 79 points

12th prize:
Usmev Choir: 76 points

13th prize:
TIG Choir: 66 points


Extra prizes

Best conductor:
Samford University A Capella Choir

Prize for the best presentation of the compulsory work:
Chamber Choir Sophia Kiev

Prize for the most innovative programming:
Eller Girls’ Choir

Audience prize:
Samford University A Capella Choir

Prize for the most talented young conductor:
Constanze Pitz from Nefesch Vokalensemble