Results Competition 2022

The official result of the CantaRode competition 2022 is as follows:

1e prijs:
A Scalpella, Sweden: 517,8 points

2e prijs:
Chamber Choir Ipavska, Slovenia: 505,3 points

3e prijs:
Chamber Choir Giocoso, The Netherlands: 494,8 points

4e prijs:
Chamber Choir Flanders, Belgium: 487,3 points

5e prijs:
Chamber Choir Furiant, Belgium: 461,9 points

6e prijs:
Mixed Choir K.O.O.R., Estonia: 452,1 points

7e prijs:
Chervoni Korali, The Netherlands:  360,4 points


Extra prizes:

Best Conductor:
Damjana Vončina, Chamber Choir Ipavska, Slovenia

Prize for the best presentation of the compulsory work:
Chamber Choir Ipavska, Slovenia

Prize for the most innovative programming:
Chamber Choir Flanders, Belgium

Audience Prize:
A Scalpella, Sweden

Extra Prize, belongs to first prize:
A Scalpella, Zweden