Enthousiastic reactions

15 August 2023

During and after our festival we received many enthousiastic reactions from the choir members, the jury and visitors.

Fenna Ograjensek, soloist Feel te Spirit:
I really enjoyed this project. It’s nice to feel the energy of everyone and to be inspired by it yourself.

Brady Allred, member of the jury:
Returning home after a truly memorable week! I highly recommend the next CantaRode Festival 2025!!! In its relatively short life, the CantaRode Festival has quickly become one of the premiere choral festivals and competitions in Europe attracting choirs from all over the world!

Martin Winkler, German choir organization:
Nochmals Glückwunsch zum Festival und zur grandiosen Wertung.

Ambrož Čopi, member of the jury:
When I listened to the stories of the conductors and singers, how much the experience meant to them, how many unforgettable memories they gathered during this magical weekend at CantaRode and built a community of friends from all over the world, I believe even more in the importance of the choral movement.
A sincere thank you to the organizers for an outstanding organization of this inspiring choral event, which created opportunities for us to share and receive music, experience, love and pleasure. Grateful for the friendly exchange of experiences, encouragement and ideas. It was extraordinary. In two years, you are invited to Kerkrade to the CANTARODE 2025 festival. I sincerely recommend!

Philip Copeland, conductor Samford University Choir
I will write a very positive review of CantaRode and not just because we won! You and your team did a superb job. I have participated in many international competitions and yours was a tremendous experience for me and my singers.

Ghislaine Mommer, participant Feel the Spirit:
Many compliments to Cantarode. It was fantastic tonight (Opening concert) and definitely also a party to sing along with the ‘pop-up choir’! Keep the good work going, you reach so many people and familiarity with this. And the more people sing, the better it is for everyone and certainly also for (music-making) Limburg.

Reijeo Kekkonen, member of the jury:
The festival together with the competition was a great experience! As the choir members and conductors said there the atmosphere was unbelivable – the choirs were really supporting each other and doing things together. You have a wonderful festival and competition there – take good care of it!

Erni Korsten, visitor CantaRode 2023:
Four days Kerkrade: CantaRode Festival. Heard many international choirs: from Sweden to USA, from Estonia to Malaysia: it was AMAZING! Just enjoyed an insanely good closing concert by Voces8!

Johannes Dewilde, conductor Brussels Young Adult Chamber Choir:
We had a fantastic choir weekend at CantaRode in Kerkrade. What a wonderful festival with 13 choir’s from all over the world. Huge thanks and respect to Dion Ritten and his team to make it all happen!!

Luc Anthonis, chairman of the jury:
First of all, I would like to congratulate you once again for the great festival of which I was a part. Both musically and in terms of atmosphere it was a fantastic festival. It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of the organization as well.

Magna Bedaf, winner L1 tickets:
Compliments for last night (Opening concert). It was great! It’s great to be able to hear so many different choirs with so many nationalities together. And what an atmosphere! I HAD A GREAT TIME!

Betsy Cook – Weber, Houston University
CantaRode 2023 provided the perfect balance of high-level competition mixed with opportunities for friendship.  The performing facilities were beautiful, and the jury was very distinguished. Highly recommended!

Petra Dassen, Mayor of Kerkrade:
What a night! The world visiting Kerkrade. Chapeau to the board and volunteers from CantaRode and artistic leader Dion Ritten. Kerkrade is proud of you and grateful for this musical wealth.

George Peters, participant Feel the Spirit:
What a great days in Limburg. I really felt the spirit.