A Scalpella wins CantaRode 2022

30 May 2022

The Swedish choir A Scalpella won the CantaRode International Choir Festival with a score of 517.8 points from the jury. In addition to a trophy and cash prize, they also won a guest appearance at Musica Sacra in Maastricht. Seven international top choirs provided a varied program during the 6th edition of the festival. The variation in participating choirs was great, as were the works they performed. Vocal ensemble Singer Pur closed the choir festival. The organization and participating choirs look back on a pleasant and successful festival where singing together was central. The festival took place from 26 to 29 May 2022.

Competition results
The complete results of the competition are:

1st place: A Scalpella from Sweden (517 points). They also won the audience award that was made available by Chorverband Nordrhein Westfalen and a performance during Musica Sacra in Maastricht.

2nd place: Chamber Choir Ipavska (505 points) from Slovenia. They also received the prize for the best performance of the work from their country of origin, made available by VNK – Limburg. Their conductor Damjana VonĨina received the prize for best conductor, made available by Koornetwerk Nederland.

3rd place: Chamber Choir Giocoso (494 points) from Weert, the Netherlands.

4th place: Chamber Choir Flanders (487 points) from Belgium. They also won the Klankstad Kerkrade prize for the best innovative choice of repertoire, made available by the Stichting Muziekschool Kerkrade.

5th place: Chamber Choir Furiant (461 points) from Belgium.

6th place: Mixed Choir K.O.O.R. (452 points) from Estonia.

7th place: Chervoni Korali (360 points) from The Hague, Netherlands/Ukraine.

The jury consisted of Brady Allred (chairman), Luc Anthonis from Belgium and John Fitzpatrick from Ireland. They judged the participating choirs on sound, timing, how the choir conveys the works to the audience, fidelity to the score, pronunciation and the correct tone when performing the different styles of music.
Peter Thomas, chairman of CantaRode: “We look back on a successful festival with great performances of a high standard. Next year, there will be another CantaRode International festival. It will take place from 18 to 21 May 2023, so choir enthusiasts can already put the date in their diaries.”

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