Sunday 29 May | 15,00 hrs. | Theatre Kerkrade: Theaterplein 30, Kerkrade


The desire to sing a cappella as an important focus in their lives was clear to the founders of Singer Pur from their school days onwards: shortly after leaving school, five former members of the famous boys’ choir of Regensburg Cathedral realised their dream and founded the group Singer Pur. A love affair then brought a soprano into their ranks. Shortly afterwards, in 1994, the sextet with an unusual combination of voices (a soprano, three tenors, a baritone and a bass) won first prize in the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb (German National Competition), and a year later the coveted Grand Prix for vocal ensembles at the international Tampere Music Festival in Finland, paving the way to become Germany’s leading vocal group. Soon, television and radio appearances, CD recordings, invitations to major festivals and concerts in almost 60 countries ensured an international career. Enjoy the enchanting sounds of Singer Pur at the final concert of CantaRode.

Claudia Reinhard soprano | Christian Meister tenor | Markus Zapp tenor | Manuel Warwitz tenor | Jakob Steiner baritone | Felix Meybier bass

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Regional concert Wittem

Friday 27 May | 20.00 hrs| Wittem Abbey: Wittemer Allee 32, Wittem

The authentic library of Wittem Abbey will be the setting for one of the CantaRode regional concerts on Friday 27 May. The concert is organized in collaboration with the Culture Foundation Wittem.


Chamber Choir Flanders. conducted by Jeroen Keymeulen
A Scapella, conducted by Rams Krigström

Entrance fee: € 15,00 buy tickets (only by e-mail)


Friday 27 May | 19.00 hrs | Culture House, Landgraaf

The malechoier Saint-Joseph from Landgraaf organizes this regional concert in the Culture House a former church in Landgraaf.


Mannenkoor Sint-Joseph, conducted by Jules Luesink
Kamerkoor Furiant, conducted by Steve de Veirman
Chamber Choir Ipavska, conducted by Damjana Vončina

Entrance fee: € 5 Buy tickets at the start of the concert

Regional concert Verviers

Friday 27 May | 20.00 hrs | ASTA-Theatre Markt 6A, Beek

A regular partner of CantaRode is the male choir Beeker Liedertafel. This time, they will once again perform one of the director’s concerts.


Male choir Beeker Liedertafel onducted by Dion Ritten
Chervoni Korali by Nataliya Malhanova-van Loo
Chamber Choir K.O.O.R. conducted by Raul Talmar
Chamber Choir Giocoso conducted by Rita Scheffers

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