These are the concerts of 2019. The concerts of 2022 wil be published her soon!


Thursday 30 May | 20.00 hrs. | Theatre Kerkrade: Theaterplein 30, Kerkrade

One of Germany’s most famous vocal ensembles – the Calmus Ensemble from Leipzig – will perform during the opening concert of the CantaRode International Choir Festival on May 30, which is being held for the fifth time this year. During the concert in Theatre Kerkrade, the choirs who are taking part in the CantaRode competition will also present themselves.

The Calmus Ensemble consists of five singers, who are classically trained and perform throughout Europe and the United States. Their repertoire is very broad: from Renaissance and Baroque to romanticism and contemporary vocal music, including pop and jazz. They also regularly sing work specially composed for them. Homogeneity, perfection with a certain lightness and lots of humor are the trademark of the Calmus Ensemble. The musical city of Leipzig is home to the vocal ensemble. After Berlin it’s one of the trendiest cities in Germany and of course the city of the great composer Johan Sebastian Bach.


Regional concert Wittem

Friday 31 May | 20.00 hrs| Wittem Abbey: Wittemer Allee 32, Wittem

The authentic library of Wittem Abbey will be the setting for one of the CantaRode regional concerts on Friday 31 May. The concert is organized in collaboration with the Culture Foundation Wittem.


Kammerchor der Hoschule für Musik Detmold, conducted by Anne Kohler
Moscow Leading Collective Choir Vozrozdeniye conducted by Marina Kuzentsova

Entrance fee: € 13.00

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Friday 31 May | 20.00 hrs | Community Center ‘Bie Oss’: Oranjeplein 10, Schimmert

The Beeker Liedertafel male choir is the host during the regional concert in Schimmert. They offer this concert in community center Bie Oss.


Brussels Chamber Choir conducted by Helen Cassano
Los Cantantes de Manila conducted by Darwin Vargas
Mannenkoor Beeker Liedertafel conducted by Dion Ritten

Entrance fee: € 10

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Regional concert Verviers

Friday 31 May | 18.30 hrs | Salle de l’harmonie: Rue de l’Harmonie 49, Verviers, Belgium

The choir of the University of the Philippines Los Banos stays with host families during the CantaRode festival, just across the border in Belgium. As a ‘thank you’ for the hospitality they provide a concert in the local concert hall. Other interested parties are also very welcome.


University of the Philippines Los Banos Ensemble conducted by Roijin G. Suarez
Zangeres Madeleine Denopra

Entrence Fee: € 12,00

Regional concert Landgraaf

Friday 31 May | 20.00 hrs | Church of Saint-Peter & Paul: Kerkplein 4, Landgraaf

In the newly restored church of Saint-Peter & Paul in Landgraaf, the MoKla Vocaal Ensemble again offers a regional concert during this edition of CantaRode


Kamerkoor Koorschool Midden-Gelderland conducted by Albert Wissink
Baerum Kammerkor conducted by Ingeborg Aadland
MoKla Vocaal Ensemble conducted by Ute Jobes

Entrance fee: Free gift

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Friday 31 May | 20.00 hrs | Cultural Centre FaSiLa: Ter Hallen 8 – 10, Schinveld

Choir Oranje (Orange) from Schinveld has already organized many wonderful concerts. This year the men’s choir is organizing one of the CantaRode regional concerts for the first time.


Strijps Kamerkoor conducted by Wilko Brouwers
The Girls Choir Liepaites of Vilnius Choir Singing School o.l.v. Jolita Vaitkeviciené
Mannenkoor Oranje conducted by Anton Kropivsek
Crescendo Doenrade conducted by Anton Kropivsek

Entrance: free gift

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Church services

On Sunday June 2, several choirs of the CantaRode Festival will perform during church services in the region of Kerkrade

10.00 hrs: Kammerchor der Musikhochschule Detmold will perform during holy mass in parish church of Our Lady in Terwinselen, Kerkrade
10.30 hrs: The girls’ choir Liepaites Vilnius will perform during holy mass in Saint Mary’ church (St.-Marienkirche) in Herzogenrath (Germany)
11.30 uur: The choir Vozrozhdeniye Moscow will perform during holy mass in Saint Christopher Cathedral in Roermond
11.30 uur: The Chamber Choir of the Choir School Midden-Gelderland wil perform during holy mass in Saint Pancras church in Heerlen

Final Concert

Sunday 2 June | 16.00 hrs | Rolduc Abbey: Heyendallaan 82, Kerkrade

To conclude the fifth CantaRode International Choir Festival, the final concert will take place on Sunday afternoon 2 June in Rolduc Abbey. The concert consists a performance of the workshop Scratch Carmina Burana, which participants have rehearsed during the day and the announcement of the prize winners of CantaRode 2019.


Participants Singalong Workshop Carmina Burana conducted by Brady Allred
Perfomences of the prize winning choirs of the CantaRode competition 2019

Entree: € 10