Vocal Ensemble Chervoni Korali

The Hague, The Netherlands

Chervoni Korali  (The Netherlands/Ukraine) means ‘red chorale or ‘red chains’ . The vocalists of the ensemble are united by their love of Ukrainian songs and enjoy promoting Ukrainian traditions and culture in the Netherlands and abroad.  The 15-person ensemble (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, bass) accompanies church services of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the Netherlands and actively participates in cultural events with a cappella arrangements of old and modern Ukrainian folk songs. The main repertoire consists of a cappella arrangements of Ukrainian modern and traditional folk songs, as well as classical vocal arrangements of religious songs. The ensemble’s program also includes arrangements from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, with some songs dating back to the 17th century. The choir wears traditional costumes, representing different regions of Ukraine.


Nataliya Malhanova-van Loo 

The conductor of Chervoni Korali is Nataliya Malhanova-van Loo: “This is my passion and my creative hobby. I am one of the initiators and the conductor of this ensemble from the start.” Her inspiration & Education: Royal Academy of Music, Denmark / Certificate Autumn 2021, Aalborg, Inspirational course in Innovative Choir Leading (Module 1), ‘Voice & Pysique’ monthly meetings of Panda van Proosdij/ n.a. 2021, Online Inspirational course in Choireography.

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