The Girls’ choir Liepaitės of Vilnius choir singing school

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Girls’ choir “Liepaitės” of the Vilnius choir singing school was founded as an independent artistic collective in 1994, when the girls’ choir studio of the National Trade Union Culture House, founded in 1964 by Prof. Petras Vailionis and Liucija Palinauskaitė, was transformed into a music school. The choir was first led by Prof. Petras Vailionis, Assoc. Prof. Lina Dumbliauskaitė and since 1997 by Jolita Vaitkevičienė.

The girls that sing in the choir are schoolgirls in the age of 14-17 who have finished 7 years of basic music school education. The choir specializes in academic singing. Its repertoire consists of choir compositions from various epochs created by foreign and Lithuanian composers as well as folk music arrangements. The choir has performed “Gloria” by A. Vivaldi, “Magnificat“ by Sh. Brixi, “Gloria“ by F. Poulenc, „Syrenes“ by C. Debussy, A. Vivaldi „Juditha triumphans”,together with S. Sondeckis, G. Rinkevičius, M. Staškus, M. Jauniškis and the following orchestras: Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, LVSO, Kaunas Chamber Orchestra, Baroque Opera Orchestra. Participated in performing the 3rd symphony of G. Mahler with LNSO, conductor J. Domarkas, “Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage” by L. W. Beethowen, „In Principio” by A. Pärt with Estonian Chamber Orchestra , Latvian TV Chamber Choir, conductor T. Kaljuste. The choir took part in many national and international artistic projects and festivals. The girls have performed in Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Germany and Spain.


Jolita Vaitkevičienė

Jolita Vaitkevičienė has been the conductor of girls’ choir “Liepaitės” for 20 years now. Jolita is a former student of National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art and graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with a degree in choral conducting. She is a solfège teacher for different age groups, and also the choral conductor of Lithuania’s Song Celebration, a large musical festival in Lithuania. Together with girls’ choir Liepaitėsshe won a reward from the Lithuanian National Culture Centre „Golden Bird“ and the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas “For merits to Lithuania”.