CantaRode postponed to 2022

21 November 2020

The CantaRode International Choral Festival in Kerkrade, scheduled for May next year, will be postponed for one year to the weekend following Ascension Day 2022. That’s what the Board of CantaRode has decided. Due to the current corona pandemic, it is not possible to organize a fully-fledged festival with competition next year. 

The preparations for the sixth international choral festival, which was to be held in the Dutch city of Kerkrade from 13 – 16 May 2021, were already well under way. The biyearly festival consists of a competition with top choirs from all parts of the world, concerts and workshops for devotees of choral music. The programme for 2021 was just about complete and we even had been able to contract a world-famous choir for the final concert. Enthusiasts will now have to wait a year longer for this.

Over the years CantaRode has developed into a choral festival with a great international reputation. Given the current circumstances, in which travelling is highly discouraged and choirs can only sing if they meet strict conditions, the board of CantaRode takes the view that it is not possible to guarantee the quality of the festival. Even if travelling and singing would be no longer restricted in May 2021, the preparation time for choirs would be simply too short to come properly prepared, according to the board of the only Dutch festival for chamber choirs.

Therefor CantaRode has been postponed for one year to the weekend of 26 – 29 May 2022. In that same period the famous choral festival of Marktoberdorff will take place in southern Germany, making it possible for choirs to travel through Europe and participate in both festivals. A year later, 18 – 21 May 2023, another edition of the International Choral Festival CantaRode will take place in Kerkrade, in order to return to the original biyearly schedule.

CantaRode is still looking into the possibilities of organizing an alternative choral activity in 2021.  This would not be a complete festival, but perhaps a single workshop. Registration for the CantaRode International Choral Festival in May 2022 is open. Choirs who are interested can already sign up. Entries must be received by mid-December 2021.